WebSifu has a new domain (and new look too!)

WebSifu has moved from WEBSIFU.SG to WEBSIFU.WS, but we’re still the very same WebSifu, just sprucing up our domain.

First off, let’s delve into the .WS domain name extension. The .WS domain stands for “Western Samoa,” a name the country went by in the 1970s when two-letter country codes were first standardized. To be honest, we had no clue such a country existed until we stumbled upon it! We actually thought .WS meant “Dot Web Site”!

Now, to address the elephant in the room: why the change?

The shift began with the rollout of our new product, SAYA (an affordable personal branding page that doubles as a digital business card!). We aimed for a short and sweet domain name, leading us to discover the .WS extension. And then it hit us—the WS could also stand for “WebSifu”! So, we snagged SAYA.WS for the domain.

Once we dipped our toes into the .WS pool for our first product, it felt right to standardize our domains. And lo and behold, WEBSIFU.WS was up for grabs! The rest, as they say, is history.

Most importantly, we’ve been itching to give the WebSifu website a facelift. What better occasion for a domain switch?

We plan to keep the .SG domain around for a bit longer, but from here on out, WebSifu will be promoted exclusively under the .WS domain.

And oh, welcome to our new home too!

websifu-old websifu-new
websifu-old-plus websifu-new-plus
websifu-old-webmaster websifu-new-webmaster
websifu-old-security websifu-new-security
Picture of Dean Loh
Dean Loh
Dean's been in the web game since way back in 2000, surviving the Y2K scare and riding the rollercoaster of the Internet's ups and downs. He still gets a kick out of building websites, but these days, he's all about keeping them safe and sound. That's why he started WebSifu - protecting websites is where it's at for him now!

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