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Starting a business or running one? Using free emails like Gmail or Yahoo Mail for your business might not look too good—it’s like showing up to a client meeting in pajamas. Let’s fix that. Get your own custom email address. All you need is a domain name that represents you or your company, and our Unlimited Mailbox plan. This way, you can create as many email addresses as you want for your business. Use them anyhow you like—just don’t spam! It’s an easy step to make your business look sharp and steady bom pi pi!

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Unlimited Mailbox

Unlimited Mailbox is already included in WebSifu Start and WebSifu Plus plans, existing customers do not need to purchase separately. You are welcome 😎
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⚠️Price does not include domain name

Technical Specifications

You are going to ask about it anyway, so we might as well make it known upfront

Email Account Limits

The following limits apply to all messages sent via authenticated SMTP. This will primarily be used for email sent via a mail client, but can also include mail sent via your website if configured to send via SMTP.

We impose a limit of 8,000 messages per e-mail address per 24 hours.

In addition above limits;

  • No more than 10,000 recipients per day.
  • No more than 2,000 unique recipients per day.
  • A single email may not be sent to more than 100 individual addresses.

As an example, if you were to send 100 emails to 5 different e-mail addresses within a 24 hour period. We would count 100 messages, 500 total recipients and 5 unique recipients.

Email Size Limits

Our mail system accepts attachments up to 32MB in size, and the maximum message size in our network is 50MB.


An autoresponder only sends once every 8 hours per sender

New Mailbox Limit

When a new mailbox has been set up, the sending is limited to 50 per day for 7 days. This is actually an abuse rule to prevent new mailboxes being set up and used immediately to send out high volumes of spam emails. To preserve the platforms reputation and protect mail being sent from being spoofed as spam by third parties this rule was put place to protect that status.

Zero Tolerance Spam Policy

We take a zero tolerance stance against the sending of unsolicited email, bulk emailing and spam. Please refer to our Acceptable Use Policy for more information.

Please note: The distributed nature of our network means email can leave through different servers at different times. As a result, you may see periods when you can send a greater number of messages than the limits mentioned above. However, this behaviour should not be relied upon and is not supported. If you do wish to send a larger number of e-mails than any of the limits mentioned above, we would recommend looking at a specialist marketing email platforms such as SendGrid, Mailgun, Mailjet, or take up our WebSifu Plus plan that comes with MailPoet plugin that lets you send to 50,000 email addresses!

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