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Your website is a pivotal asset for your business, but managing it shouldn’t consume all your time and energy. While the temptation to handle everything yourself might seem cost-effective, it often translates to investing valuable time in tasks that don’t yield the highest returns. Entrust your website to us, allowing you to prioritize critical business growth endeavors.

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Why choose WebSifu?

We could come up with 101 reasons why you should work with WebSifu, but we’d rather let our customers do the talking.

I have worked with Dean for more than 10 years. He responds to his emails very promptly and does all the changes in my website within one day. It is very easy to work with him. I highly recommend!
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Kelvin Koh Avatar
Kelvin Koh
31 Mar 2023
People using their websites for income or living should hire this guy, to take care of your website's security. That is why we need website security, let's forget about those famous platforms, they are useless! You spend the money buying their package, then waiting long and chatting with them live in the end you have no clue what you are doing.
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lee ya Avatar
lee ya
31 Mar 2023
Dean provides an efficient and intitiative driven webdesign and management service. The quality of work is quite exceptional indeed. We also appreciated it when Dean countered our ideas with better ones to deliver a final product which has very much exceeded our expectations.
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Anant Tyagi
02 Feb 2021
WebSifu has been such a great help! Long story short, our website was sort of hacked but Dean was able to find out the cause, rectify the issue and secure the site within a couple of days. Kudo to everyone behind WebSifu. Highly recommended!
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Chow Kiat Er (C.K.) Avatar
Chow Kiat Er (C.K.)
31 Mar 2023
WebSifu was my website designer and maintains it for me. Their knowledge and expertise became clear early on during our initial discussions about the proposed site's necessary functions, look and feel. As I have a magazine editorial background, I had specific ideas for design and for what I wanted to accomplish with the site.The discussions were lively and productive, teaching me much about website design, while acknowledging the ideas I brought to the table ; the completed site is a good synthesis of our various ideas, and my viewers find it attractive and easy to navigate.As to ongoing maintenance, the staff is quick and responsive when I need a change or to (regularly) add content. I also have found the fees to be very competitive.
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Al Hornsby Avatar
17 Oct 2017
We encountered a massive issue on our webpage which our previous support and hosting provider were unable to explain. At our wits end and after exhausting all options, we found Dean at Websifu. Dean was frank in explaining the challenges in our website error and acknowledged that he may not be the best person to resolve the problem as he had no sight of how the previous support set up our website. We threw in the towel but Dean came back with a solution and managed to resolve our issue after days of effort. We have since port over to Websifu for maintenance and hosting. Dean has been excellent and prompt in his response and service and we have no qualms in recommending him if you need a trustworthy and reliable website support.
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hello miiostore Avatar
hello miiostore
31 Jan 2024

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