DMARC—Your Email Shield Against Spoofs and Phishing

On October 3, 2023, Google and Yahoo announced the implementation of DMARC requirements for bulk senders starting in February 2024. This initiative aims to enhance email security and prevent spoofing and phishing attacks. DMARC, which stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance, helps verify the authenticity of emails by aligning the sender’s domain with […]

Difference between categories and tags and how to use them for your online store

Understanding the difference between categories and tags can greatly enhance the organization and discoverability of your online store. While categories provide broad and overarching classifications for your products, tags offer more specific and detailed labels. By effectively utilizing both categories and tags, you can ensure that your customers can easily navigate and find the products […]

Using Gmail to send/receive emails from your domain

As WebSifu+ and WebSifu Lite customer, you get to enjoy unlimited 10 GB email accounts. There are many ways you may use the email service. Using your web browser (Recommended) You may login to your email account via stackmail.com. The username will be your full email address, the password would have been given to you […]